About us

Dining With The Stars is organized by the online dining guide DiningCity (www.diningcity.be) in cooperation with its partners Nespresso, VTM, Koken and Atos.

DiningCity.com is a leading online restaurant guide, started in 1998 and at the moment operating in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem, Brabant, Gelderland, Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva, Rome, New York and in Hong Kong as well.

Visitors of the website can search for a restaurant on price, cuisine, location or ambience. On each of the restaurants a description is available, as well as pictures, to get an impression of the interior and the atmosphere.

Further, visitors can find menu information, a virtual tour and can make online bookings. What makes DiningCity.com different from other online restaurant guides is the attractive presentation of the restaurants together with its interactive features.

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